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    Anti Alopecia Fast Hair Growth Oil Ginger Essential Serum

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    Hair Growth Oil Fast Hair Growth Effective Baldness Repair Hereditary Hair Loss Postpartum Hair Loss Seborrheic Hair Loss


    【Warm Tips】

    Customs Declaration: In order to avoid expensive customs duties, we send out packages with the lowest price declaration!(Not declared according to the actual order amount)

    【Recommended use amount】

    After 30 years of research by experts

    1. Recommended for small area hair growth (buy 3 get 2 free) 5 treatments.

    2. Recommended for medium area hair growth (buy 5 get 5 free) 10 treatments to improve the scalp environment.

    3. For large areas of hair growth, we strongly recommend 22 treatments (buy 10 get 12 for free) to promote healthy hair growth.

    Question & Answer
    1. Will hair growth oil grow hair?
    Dear, this is real and effective. We have grown hair after 100,000+ customers' real feedback.
    2. Are you allergic? Are there any side effects?
    Dear, we all use ingredients extracted from natural plants, which are safe and free of any chemical ingredients. After being used by 100,000+ customers, there is no side effect.
    3. How often should hair tonic be applied? How long is the massage?
    Apply every morning and evening. Massage for 2-5 minutes each time to allow the scalp to absorb better.
    4. How long does it take for new hair to grow?
    It only takes 5 days to grow new hair. If you keep using it, you will definitely grow new hair. Everyone's scalp absorbs this product differently. I hope my dear can continue to apply it , cannot be interrupted in the middle.


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