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    Urea anti Drying Foot Cream Crack Heel Cream Removal Feet Calluses Dead Skin Repair Crack Skin Moisturizing Hydration for Foot

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    Anti Chapping Cream(40 % UREA CREAM+2% salicylic acid)


    1.Prevent dry and cracked skin

    2.Removes dead skin and calluses

    3.Moisturizes foot skin,for rough, dry, creaked skin

    Main ingredients:

    Multiple effective moisturizing ingredients40% UREA, 2% Salicylic acid,Jojoba Oil,Tea tree oil,Aloe vera,Ceramid

    1.40% UREA:Urea moisturizers can soften the stratum corneum of the skin, maintain skin moisture, activate skin cells, promote skin softness and radiance, and are very suitable for people with rough or cracked skin. Apply it to the feet and hands every morning and evening, with extremely obvious effects. After use, the skin is extremely moist and smooth, and it is completely safe without any side effects.

    2.Salicylic Acid: It exfoliates dead skin cells, calluses, kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. Dermatology is also commonly used to treat various chronic skin diseases such as acne and ringworm.

    3.Tea tree oil:Tea tree oil is an extract of the tea tree. Regular application can shrink pores and moisturize the skin, keeping the skin supple and smooth for a long time. Adding it at the same time can also reduce the occurrence of foot odor symptoms to a certain extent.

    4.Jojoba Oil:It contains unsaturated higher alcohols and fatty acids, has good stability, is easy to blend with the skin, and has extraordinary antioxidant properties. In addition, it is also rich in vitamins, which has the effect of nourishing and softening the skin. At the same time, it also has extraordinary hydrophilicity, which has the effect of mediating moisture on the skin, can enhance the absorption and protection of the skin surface, and is especially effective for dry skin, especially dry and itchy skin in autumn and winter.

    5.Aloe vera:It has the effect of calming and anti-inflammatory on the skin.

    6.Ceramid:When the skin is dry, dehydrated and cracked, and its barrier function is obviously impaired, supplementing the skin with ceramide can quickly restore moisturizing and barrier function.

    1. These are the ancient Chinese classic skin care products, no harm, no stimulation,can use on face and body
    2.Is easy to use;Quick results;Delicate flavor;Only natural ingredients;The thrill of infant skin.
    3.After passing through the surface skin, the nourishing ingredients penetrate deeply into the muscle bottom tissues, repairing chapped hands and feet, smoothing fine lines
    4.Apply an appropriate amount to massage and absorb, which can effectively soften the skin stratum corneum and give the skin nutrition
    5.With hydrating and moisturizing function, it can be used on hands, feet, legs and other dry parts


    After cleaning the feet or hands with warm water, take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it to the skin of the feet or hands, gently massage until absorbed, 2-3 times a day.

    Package included:
    1-20PCS Anti Chapping Cream


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